Saturday, 7 January 2012


I have had the pleasure of playing in bands, musicals, sessions at a variety of venues and countries. I have also been lucky enough to have taught people aged 8 to 35 so far; boys, girls, in betweens, rainbows of backgrounds and am adamant to expand further. Maybe even go see Bowie in space.

Please feel free to contact me for shows or private lessons or just to geek out on music!

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School project with Paoli Mejias!

Steel Pan one week intensive!  Click to see The result. 


International Recording at Metropolis Studios with Grade 9 Records.

 Barfly, London, UK Gig.


 Haverstock Arms, London, UK Gig.

South London.....UK, Gig?

 Inn On The Green, London, UK Gig.

The Purple Turtle, London, UK Gig.

Another night. No quick costume change there!
 Punk, London, UK Gig.

ATP festival chalet, Minehead, UK. Ended up on ATPTV! Woop!

Shy For Shore (session work)

Proud Gallery, London, UK Gig.

Spanish Desert.
Went there to do festival welfare taking care of people and somehow ended up playing in the Cabaret show with people I'd never played with.

Lillian Gish (session work)

The Underbelly, Supporting The Telescopes, London, UK.


No recordings. Stoner rock band using classical/serialism compositions.

Barfly, London, UK Gig.

 The Dead Finks (session)
Bull and Gate, London, UK, supporting QueenAdreena side project The Dogbones.

Session work with Rude Mechanicals